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106 The Runway, Wigram Skies, Christchurch


Open Hours
Monday – 10am – 10pm
Tuesday -10am – 10pm
Wednesday – 10am – 10pm
Thursday – 10am – 10pm
Friday -10am – 10pm
Saturday – 10am – 10pm
Sun -10am – 10pm

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Miss Tea is a new style of bubble tea shop owned by New Zealanders

Combined Asian tea culture with New Zealand’s excellent dairy, have produced more than eight ranges, including more than 60 beverages such as fresh fruit tea, milk tea, smoothies, yogurt cups and also tea free drinks. We are proud of our high-quality ingredients and unique recipes.



“An excellent cup of tea starts from nature and comes from the east.”

Welcome to “MISS-TEA” – A relaxed space to enjoy the delicate flavors’ of fruit tea and bubble tea.

Blending classic Chinese tea with 100% natural New Zealand fruit juice will delight your taste buds.

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