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Misola Hair Salon


Misola Hair Salon

114 The Runway, Wigram Skies

03 348 6280

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At Misola we prove that a luxury salon experience doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg; that you really can enjoy the services of award-winning stylists, who use premium products and world-class techniques, without spending a fortune!

Our name is a combination of two Japanese words – Mi, meaning ‘beauty’ and Sola, meaning ‘Sky’. It reflects the fact that we’re a multi-cultural, multi-lingual salon dedicated to making our customers look, and feel, beautiful. We’re guided by Japanese practices, influenced by New Zealand’s stunning natural landscape, and use only the finest products, ensuring colours last longer, hair stays straighter and styles are easier to maintain.

From the imported basins to the lighting and décor that contributes to the zen-like ambience, we’ve gone to considerable lengths to create a space where you can sit back, relax, and let yourself be pampered! The complimentary consultation we offer at the start of your visit ensures your stylist knows exactly what you’re after, while the free seminars we hold during the evenings will teach you about everything from styling your hair to taking care of it. For further details feel free to call or email Chisa

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