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Cultural Artwork at The Landing


Come and see the progress for yourself!

The New World supermarket is now open and anchors Stage One alongside a number of other retailers including Joe’s Garage, Mexicali Fresh, Subway, Muffin Break, Unichem pharmacy, Misola hair salon and KinderCare.

The Landing, Wigram Skies Town Centre has progressed quickly with Buildings 1 and 2 within Stage One now complete. This article is to outline the meaning behind the beautiful cultural artwork embedded in the design and landscaping.

The artwork, designed by local artist Priscilla Cowie, has been inspired by Ngāi Tahu rock art and gives an insight into the past world of tīpuna (ancestors). Priscilla sees this as “a great opportunity to share some of our kōrero (stories) and that’s important for our tamariki and whānau to come.”

Artwork you will see within the area covers:

Town Square

Kurī (the native dog) a companion and a hunter, kurī were highly prized within Ngāi Tahu culture.

Tuna (eel) signify the cultural link to the headwaters of Ōpāwaho (Heathcote River) and the Huritini (Halswell River). They also relate to the pā site, Ōpāwaho, which was a significant place for mahinga kai (food gathering).

Mokomoko (lizard) symbolise kaitiakitanga (guardianship) as they were released close to mauri stones as guardians to protect the health and vitality of the area.

Along the Runway

Haerenga (travel) is signified by the Mōkihi (raft) that were made from raupō (bulrushes) sourced from the area. These were the most common form of transport for water travel.

Puna Wai (fresh water springs) reference the springs that leave a moko (mark) on the whenua (land).


He Manu (bird) designs are inspired by the theme of flight and honour the strength and endurance of the Titī (Sooty Shearwater, Toroa (albatross), and Hōkioi (Haast eagle). These manu venture out into the world but always return home.

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