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Joe’s Garage – The Landing’s local


There’s a unique vibe at Joe’s Garage Wigram, The Landing’s new fully-licensed café and bar. It’s an atmosphere that’s at once both relaxed and lively, laid-back yet humming with activity.

There’s also a real family focus, which is not surprising considering the people behind Joe’s. Co-owners Anton and Matt went to school together and consider each other ‘family’, while various other relatives, including Anton’s sister and his brother-in-law (who is the head chef) are also involved in the business.

The young entrepreneurs have gone to great lengths to surround themselves with people who share their passion for the hospitality industry, and that effort is reflected in the level of service at Joe’s.

‘We’ve invested plenty of time and energy finding the most talented chefs, the most skilled baristas and the most attentive staff’, says Anton. ‘And we’ve created an environment where they can thrive; where they can express themselves as professionals, and where they can grow as individuals.’

Their relentless commitment to the highest standards extends well beyond their staff, however, with plenty of attention being paid to every aspect of the Joe’s experience. ‘Nothing happens by accident here’, says Matt.

‘The music and the lighting are set at specific levels for a reason, each and every meal is checked for quality and consistency before it leaves the kitchen, and our team are always on hand to take your orders, top up your drinks, and anticipate your needs.’

They also pulled out all the stops when it came time to fit-out their new space, with recycled fixtures and furniture adding plenty of character and contributing to the distinctive ambience.

The result is the perfect environment for everything from informal meetings and quick coffee catch-ups to an evening meal or a special celebration with loved ones. ‘There’s something here for everyone’, says Anton, who also owns Joe’s Garage Sumner.

‘We want Joe’s to be a real destination; somewhere the people of Wigram Skies can be proud to call their local, and somewhere people from all over the city will come for mouthwatering food, outstanding coffee and a truly memorable experience.’

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